Established in 2006, Condere specializes in mergers and acquisitions as well as in capital raising, helping shareholders, businessmen and executive officers to take better decisions and implement the best options regarding organic and inorganic growth for their companies.

We combine our extensive experience of corporate finance with our already recognized strategic vision in order to raise our clients to a level well beyond the obvious, from conception to execution of their transactions and projects.




  • Asset or companies’ sale

  • Acquisitions

  • Divestitures

  • Mergers

  • Cross border delas



  • Advisory Markets assessment for M&A
  • Shareholders’ strategy, inorganic growth strategies
  • Identification of acquisition targets
  • Business plan, financial modelling
  • Companies’ preparation for accretive sale
  • Valuation




  • Structured debt to finance growth

  • Refinancing

  • Credit lines for acquisition

  • Convertible debt



  • Adequate capital structure

  • Feasibility plan, liquidity plan

  • Guarantees optimization in line with debt profile

  • Shareholders strategy for an IPO

  • Valuation reports

We offer independence and impartiality in the conduct of projects and transactions, focusing on agile and creative solutions: the best deal for each client.

We serve family groups, multinational and publicly traded companies, in different sectors of the economy and throughout the country.

 Through our foreign partners, we have a global reach with a focus on cross border M&A transactions, connecting our local clients to other markets and business opportunities.

Our managing partners participate directly and actively in each project. Our team brings relevant industry knowledge leveraged by Condere’s experience in Brazil and Global M&A worldwide.


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We have developed sectorial expertise from the wide range of businesses and transactions we have performed in Brazil and around the world.

Food & Beverage


Retail & E-commerce

Technology & Internet





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